25 Jan

I haven’t blogged in about 198338299283829495929 years. I’ve been doing exams and then I went back to normal school life, where, as per usual, my social life was drained. ANYWAY I’M WATCHING THE BIG BROTHER FINAL and I’d like to express my opinion on ‘Speidi’:
I hope that you get back to America and are given the death sentence straight away. I hope that you are being controlled by evil spirits in hell, because I hope to God that there is nobody on earth who is naturally that evil. It’s not a game when Claire’s children are involved, and that was pathetic. I hope that, when you return to America, everyone turns against you and hates you. “I still wouldn’t go the funeral if they all died.” Lol, you think you’d be invited? After all the pain you caused them? You’re mentally regarded. YOU ARE EVIL. And you have no idea how you ‘play Celebrity Big Brother’, idiots. You’re pathetic. You make me, and many other people watching, feel sick. What you do is sick. I hope that you have kids one day, and are separated from them for a while for some reason. And I hope that this same thing happens to you. And you know what? I really, really, really hope that someone claps in your face.

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15 Jan

I haven’t blogged in ages but my WiFi is literally turning off in 17 seconds so I thought I’d just say hi! 8,7,6,5…BYE!!!

How to procrastinate કેવી રીતે સમય બગાડો માટે

13 Jan


Here is a list of activities which require none to little equipment, and involve one to two people:

1. Get instagram. Here you will find yourself occupied for a minimum of seven hours each day.

2. An amusing chat site where you can talk to strangers. A list of things to talk about follows:
• I am having a heart attack
• my great grandma, the President of China, just passed away
• talk in another language e.g. Gujarati
• pretend you are an old grandma trying to video call your granddaughter Lindsay on Skype, believing that the person on the other end is Lindsay

3. Conquer ‘The Worm’

4. Google ‘dynamo tricks’ and enjoy yourself

5. Attempt to make yourself look like a drag queen

6. Talk to a pencil

7. Pretend to be a cat

8. Put an egg in vinegar and then see if it goes bouncy

9. Use straighteners/curling tongues and attempt to make your hair go into strange shapes

10. Prank call random numbers

11. Lie in the middle of a room, pretending to be dead. Count the number of seconds it takes for someone to either notice you or tell you to stop being stupid

12. Walk around the house reading a really boring book out loud. When someone tells you to shut up, shout, “DO YOU NOT WANT ME TO EXTEND MY VOCABULARY THEREFORE INCREASING MY IQ AND EXPANDING MY EDUCATION?”

Hope you guys have fun doing these strange, immature and fun activities. Have a good Sunday!


13 Jan

Doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo! Doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo DOO, DOO DOO DOO, DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

The final countdown. The end of it all. The finishing touch.


I’m so happy I can’t even breathe. All that’s left is for me to read this booklet which contains…52 pages…and I’m on…page…1.

Last two days… છેલ્લા બે દિવસ

12 Jan

THE FIRST OF MY LAST TWO DAYS OF REVISION IS HALF-FINISHED! I will be so relieved when these exams are over…they are ruining my life.

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Thanks! Have a good weekend kids TGIW – thank God it’s weekend!


I am desperate for this!

12 Jan


How to treat bleached hair કેવી રીતે બ્લીચ વાળ સારવાર માટે

12 Jan


Okay so I had my hair dip-dyed and it didn’t work really, so I went back to my hairdresser and he said that he would bleach it for free. I said yes, because it was free! It worked really well, but my hair was wrecked. HOWEVER, I tried and tested until I found the perfect solution to treating bleached hair. So here we go, enjoy!

1. Purchase Pantene 2min Colour Damage Rescue Treatment Masque and a bath/shower hair comb (a wide-tooth comb, don’t use a normal comb or a brush in the shower because when your hair is wet, is it more prone to moulting or damage)
2. Have a shower and wash hair with your usual products
3. Apply a generous amount of the masque on your treated hair. I actually put it all over because it smells nice and it makes my hair shine.
4. Use the wide-tooth comb on wherever you’ve put the masque, so that the treated area is all covered
5. I know it says leave it on for 2 minutes. Ignore that and leave it on for 5-7 minutes. It says 2 minutes so that you’ll see it in the shop and think, “How impressive that it works in such a short space of time!” It doesn’t work in that time, leave it on for as long as you want really.
6. Rinse incredibly well – don’t be worried that you’re re-tangling your hair when you rinse it. If you don’t rinse properly then you’ll get dandruff which isn’t attractive. Make sure you tip your head upside-down and rinse underneath as well.
7. Rinse your hair under cold water for 20-30 seconds.
8. Squeeze it VERY GENTLY to get the water out. Every 5 minutes just keep squeezing it to get any extra water out.
9. Apply a generous amount of heat protect mousse/spray.
10. Blow-dry your hair BUT MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE IT SLIGHTLY DAMP. After all that effort, you don’t want to go and strip it of all the moisture and start back at square one.

And voila! Keep repeating this process when you have a shower and your hair will slowly regain moisture and strength. You can’t cute split ends, but you can get them chopped off and prevent them from appearing again. The key point is to make sure that you always heat-protect your hair, whether you want to blow-dry it or straighten it or do nothing to it. The heat from the sun can damage your hair, or body heat or anything, so always apply heat protect to your hair.

Comment if you have any queries, and thanks for reading!